Digital marketing builds trust and credibility.

What you post (or don't post) can hurt (or help) your positioning.

Build a strong online presence, position yourself as a 401k specialist, 
and help prospects get to know, like, and trust you...


Save Time and Money with Templates:
  • Fully editable using Canva (Canva is a FREE online design tool that's easy to learn and use)
  • Professionally designed and super-easy to customize - change colors, elements, add logos and photos to match your brand
  • No need to hire or wait for a designer, or learn graphic design programs 
  • ​No need to spend hours coming up with something to post


This Done-For-You Online Positioning Kit Includes:*
  • 6 Different Social Media Cover Images - in 4 Different Sizes
  • ​180 Done-For-You Social Media Images including:
  • ​35 Holiday Posts
  • ​30 Quote Posts
  • ​20 401k Best Practices Posts
  • ​20 Call To Action (CTA) Posts
  • ​20 401k Term Definition Posts
  • ​20 Personal / Fun Posts
  • ​10 Misc Posts
  • ​10 401k Industry Third Party Share Posts
  • ​8 News to Share Posts
  • ​7 401k Compliance Calendar Date Posts
* Includes Free Lifetime Updates


Sample Social Media "About Me" Language (so you can position yourself on social media with consistency and professionalism)

180 Additional Social Media Post Ideas (because your posts should not be all-business-all-the-time)

 Sample 12-Month Social Media Publishing Calendar (to make it easy to plan out your content each month)

Post Tracker Spreadsheet with Sample Text to Post With Each Done-For-You Graphic (so you don't have to think about what to type with each graphic you post)




The most effective social media profiles include a "Call To Action" (aka CTA) to download something of value by following a link, e.g. "Get your Free 401(k) Plan Report Card at"

What this does is generates new qualified leads every time someone visits any of your social media profiles and has an interest in what you're giving away.  

So in this bonus, I'm giving you a complete campaign so you can generate leads from your social media profiles.

This bonus package includes:
  • 2 Free Handouts to Give Away:  Make minor modifications (add your brand colors, contact information, and firm disclosures, then save as a PDF - now you're ready to give it away!)
  • ​Text to Copy and Paste onto a Landing Page and Thank You page - These are the webpages you set up that offer your Free Handout in exchange for their name and email address, then provide details on how to access it
  • Two Follow-Up Emails - that delivers the requested handout and adds additional value to your new 401(k) prospect
  • ​6 Social Media Images - For promoting your free handout on social media to drive traffic to your website
A $600 Value


This Getting-Started Guide Includes:
  • Frequently Asked Questions: From where to start to how often to post, we've got you covered...
  • ​Complete Inventory List of Contents: The best way to start using the tools is to understand what's available...
  • Step-by-Step Social Media Strategy Roadmap: This playbook walks you through 5 steps to take to help you prioritize and hit the ground running
  • ​Compliance Checklist: You know how important compliance is, this checklist tells you what to update first and send, and helps you identify what's been approved already
  • Power Tips: Final tips to position yourself online and grow your online following



log into the
member library

When you purchase a kit, you'll get login credentials to the Member Dashboard where you'll have instant access to your new templates


download /access desired templates

Download the Powerpoint or Word documents directly to your hard drive (or click the link and open select documents in Canva)


customize and
start using

Add your logo, contact information, disclosures, and make any other changes to the templates (you have complete control over the customization) and start using the material in your business


Total Value: Over $1,500.00
"I bought your social media kit yesterday and it is exactly what I needed.

"It is so well put together and user friendly.

"It will absolutely help us with our online presence."
A. P.
From Sharon Pivirotto...
Like you, I know the challenges of trying to grow a 401k business, differentiate yourself, and manage all that’s required to run a compliant practice. I was once a broker trying to sell and service retirement plans. 

Since starting in the 401k industry, I've been able to create PSCA award-winning tools, create a retirement designation for 401k advisors (the PPC now offered by fi360), train thousands of advisors and plan sponsors around the country, build a 401k education firm that was sold to fi360 the year we hit a million dollars in revenue, and more...

The last 20+ years in this business (and 10+ in the Internet Marketing world) have taught me a lot and I’m happy to now share my knowledge and resources with you - to help you shortcut your success.

Want access to the full template library (all individual kits included), and personalized support?



By purchasing a document kit from us, you are buying a special license that gives you permission to use our content in a variety of ways in your own business. This includes but is not limited to any content that’s part of the “401k Business in a Box” subscription toolkit.

Please review the license terms below, full site terms found here, and if you have any questions or if you’re unsure of something, please contact me.

What You Can Do with the Editable Documents:

You can sell (or give away at no cost) the content to your plan sponsor clients with personal use only rights.
You can edit the content, add to content, or just sell the content as is.
You can put your personal name and business name on the content.
You can add your business logo to it and change the document colors.
You can completely modify the content to edit the text, the titles, the order of it - it's completely editable.
You can use the content on your website, blog or in your newsletter.
You can bundle the content with your other paid programs and services.
You can use the content for creating a giveaway to grow your list.
You can use the content as a bonus to a paid product or service.
You can add the content to your existing client service models.
You can sell the content as part of project work to new clients.
This content can be used as inspiration to create audio or video files.
You may publish it offline as a free or paid workshop, class, program, product.
You can give the content away to your paid clients/customers/members.

What You Can NOT Do With The Content You Buy from Us:

Your customers or clients may not give away or sell the content after purchasing from you – if they would like to do so, they need to purchase the content directly from our website. (e.g. if you're a plan advisor - your plan sponsor clients can't give it away to other companies or sell it to others, and if your'e a wholesaler or provider, you can't give this to advisors to then sell or give away to their plan sponsors - that would require an enterprise license - contact me for more information)
You may not load the content up on Kindle as a book (that’s against Amazon’s terms of service and can get your account banned).
You may not sell the content through auction sites, dime sales/firesales.
You may not give away, transfer, or sell your license to this content.
You may not give away, transfer, or sell resell rights or master resell rights.
You may not transfer the rights you have to your customer.


There is a 14-day money-back guarantee on all products and programs offered.  If you are not completely satisfied, email me within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.  Due to the digital nature of the Content, and the fact that you'll have been able to download everything to your hard drive, I will ask that you destroy your hard drive and send pictures (kidding).  If you have questions, please contact me first and I’d be happy to give you a  tour, sample documents, answer any questions you have, etc. because I want this investment to be the best investment you ever made in your business and want to avoid refunds by 1) making sure you know exactly what you're getting and 2) overdeliver the value so you'd never in a million years want to give up the new resources you just invested in.
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