What you need to know and do when setting up an Investment Committee
(with sample documents to get you started)

Helping your clients set up a committee to clearly define and document a process of plan oversight is an effective way to help them limit the liability associated with managing a 401(k) plan, and provide tremendous value.

There are a lot of free articles on how to get started - but I wanted to make it easy for you to explain to plan sponsors what to do and how to do it, so in this free Investment Committee Starter Kit, you'll receive:

  • 20-Page Starter Kit PDF: Print it up and give it to plan sponsors as an education piece and value-add
  • ​Sample Committee Forms Including:
  • ​Sample Committee Bylaws
  • Fiduciary Appointment & Acknowledgment Letter
  • Sample Meeting Agenda
  • Sample Meeting Minutes
  • ​Sample Investment Policy Statement
  • ​Includes education on the following topics:
  • Why Set up a Committee 
  • ​Oversight by Plan Size
  • ​10 Steps to Build a Successful Committee
  • ​Common Questions about Setting up a Committee
  • ​FREE BOOKS: Best Practices for Investment Committees: I'll mail you 5 copies of this book for you and your committee (just pay the priority mail flat rate shipping cost - $8.40)
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