Do You Need Help Getting In Front of More 401(k) Plan Prospects and Content to Share With Them Until They're Ready to Make a Change?

You Know How Much Work it Is To Get a Qualified Plan Lead...

Maybe you've been running Larkspur reports to find prospects to reach out to...
Maybe you've been out meeting business owners face to face...
Maybe you've been mining LinkedIn for contact information...
Or making cold calls to introduce yourself...
Or joining local organizations to network...
Or working on your social media strategy.
Or any number of 100 ways to get in front of a 401(k) plan prospect.

Advisors spend a lot of time and energy and resources to find a 401(k) plan lead.

Once Your Effort Finally Pays Off and You Get a Lead (Contrats!)...
92% of Plan Sponsors Are Not Looking to Make a Change.
(But You're Welcome to Stay in Touch...)

Now What?

Do you let all that time and effort go to waste? Move on to try to find your next lead?

Do you start sending them generic investment and wealth management topics? Simply add them to your firm's Newsletter list?

(And SnappyKraken is great - but they don't offer any 401(k)-specific content and you're trying to position yourself as the person that can help them with their 401(k) plan...)

And if you don't have content that engages them and keeps you top of mind, how much potential revenue are you missing out on?

So what do you send them until they're ready to meet with you and make a change to their plan?

The solution is to start sending them regular, 401(k)-specific emails that positions you as a 401(k) advisor and keeps you top of mind.


Now you have 401(k) drip content to send to engage, nurture, and convert your 401(k) leads into clients.

This 401(k) Drip Content Kit Includes:*  
  • 24 Emails pre-written for you to send - an initial email containing a 401(k) article, and a follow-up email 
  • ​12 Articles covering 401(k) topics (average 500 words each)
  • What is an Investment Policy Statement (and Should You Have One?)
  • Using ERISA Section 404(c) to Limit Fiduciary Liability
  • Are You a Fiduciary? (And What You Need to Know)
  • ​​Understanding the Different 401(k) Service Provider Roles and Responsibilities
  • ​Three Ways to Benchmark Your 401(k) Plan
  • ​How to Design an Effective Employee Wellness Program
  • ​Changing Plan Service Providers? What You Need to Document...
  • ​Not All Target Date Funds are Equal (Understanding "To" vs. "Through")
  • ​Avoiding the Most Common 401k Operational Failures
  • ​Understanding What It Means to Document a Prudent Process (and Why It's So Important)
  • ​Five Things Every Plan Sponsor Should Document and Review Regularly
  • ​What to Do When Employees Don't Participate In Their 401(k) Plan
  • 7 Handouts to Add Value (many of them discussed in the Articles you email them)
  • ​Sample Investment Policy Statement
  • ​ERISA Section 404(c) Compliance Checklist
  • ​Am I a Fiduciary Questionnaire
  • ​Plan Provider Review Checklist
  • ​Plan Updates Review Checklist
  • ​Compliance File Checklist
  • ​Sample Committee Charter
* Includes Free Lifetime Updates

A $1,500 VALUE

What is Your Compelling, Get-Your-Foot-In-the-Door Offer?

What are you offering your 401(k) Prospect to get them to meet with you?

Plan Sponsors are busy - running the 401(k) plan is a small part of what they do every day.

If you don't have a compelling offer that makes them carve out time for you, the long sales cycle becomes even longer...

You know the saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"  - well, most 401(k) plans are not on fire.

This is why typically, until a plan sponsor experiences a "triggering event" they're really not interested in meeting.

This makes it even more important to have 401(k) content and a process to keep in touch.

But what could you offer to get them to agree to meet with you?

Want Something DIFFERENT (and Highly Effective at Closing Plans) to Get Your Foot in the Door?



When I was an active 401(k) advisor, I created a “Fiduciary Risk Review” that helped us open more doors, and close more business.  

It was a different offering than what most advisors were using.

It included a questionnaire that asked plan sponsors a set of 30 question...

10 to identify if their plan is meeting success as defined by the DOL
10 questions to identify if they're meeting success by Participant's standards
and 10 Plan Sponsor success questions.

By going through this simple questionnaire, and providing a fiduciary risk assessment report - we were able to offer tremendous value by giving plan sponsors a report card of what they were doing well - and suggestions for improvement in areas they weren’t sure about.

Here's a sample of my old report's questions and summary report:

What if you had access to this kind of report that allowed you to offer a new way to add value and get your foot in the door? 

AND - What if it was all automated and printed out a simple and compelling report that helped you sell your services and really measure how much you can move the needle?

I recently just learned about this highly effective tool when reviewing a survey I had conducted...

In a recent "Marketing Effectiveness Survey" I conducted on - This was a response I received to the question, 

"What marketing methods are you using and having success with?"

"I hired Hero7 and used their plan governance index software to win new clients (7 plans – $130 million in new assets)."


Buy this Prospect Drip Content kit and get FREE Access to Hero7's PLAN GOVERNANCE INDEX (PGI™) SCORE SOFTWARE


Hero7 has taken an almost-identical process that I had tremendous success with - and automated it (and made it super-compelling to use for both prospecting and servicing your plans)!

"Hero7 is an advisor-led process that guides stakeholders through essential questions about benefit plan administration, investment process, and participant outcomes."

The result is a Plan Governance Index™ Score, a single number that represents the pulse of fiduciary roles and responsibilities and makes the path to long-term plan success clear."

Now you can access this tool to help you get your foot in the door when prospecting (it works great to help bullet-proof your existing book of business too!).  AND - you can run an unlimited number of reports!


Now you have 24 401(k)-specific emails to send...
AND a compelling get-your-foot-in-the-door offer to give away.

Now, if you only had more 401(k) leads...

Here Are Two More Bonuses to Help You Generate More 401(k) Plan Leads...



Want even more ideas for getting in front of new leads? 

Or maybe you want to talk through market trends and how to use them in your prospecting efforts? 

  • ​You Get Free Access to 401k GrabNGo -  an online training library of processes, scripts and tools. Inside this library you'll learn ways to get more opportunities, know what to say when you get ahold of the decision makers, what to ask in your discovery meetings, and more...
  • ​You're Invited to Attend the 401(k) Sales Calls - these highly valuable sales strategy calls are led by Andy Hudson and Chris Barlow of 401(k) Champions, where they discuss industry trends and secrets you can use to grow your 401(k) business. Calls are 25 minutes, twice a month

A $600 VALUE



Did you know you can take any of the 7  handouts that are included and put them on a webpage to give away? 

This get-leads-in-your-sleep bonus lets you capture new 401k leads online.

There's a full campaign (funnel) for each handout (that's 7 full campaigns), that includes:

  • Text to Copy and Paste onto a Landing Page (webpage) where your prospect enters their name and email address in order to request a handout
  • ​​Text to Copy and Paste onto the Thank You Page where you tell them how to access the handout and have them contact you for more information or assistance
  • ​1 Follow-Up Email that delivers the requested handout
  • ​1 Follow-Up Email that adds more value by discussing the common mistakes plan sponsors make that they should be aware of for each topic 

A $700 VALUE

Since You're Going After 401(k) Plan Leads... You Should Probably Position Yourself Online as a 401(k) Specialist...



You have the rights to take all 12 articles in the drip program and post them on your blog as well to increase your online positioning and authority!

To help you promote the content on your blog, you also get: 

  • ​​A​n Additional 24 Emails - pre-written for you to send with slightly modified copy to send your prospects to your website to view the article
  • Blog Post Images - 3 options to choose from for each article, so you have an image to add to the top of each blog post 
  • Two Social Media Graphics for Each Blog Post - so you can also share your 401k content on LinkedIn and Twitter 
  • ​SEO for each Article - Includes: ​Metadata descriptions, keyword, tags, title, etc. - to help people find you online through the 401k content you post on your blog

A $700 VALUE

Once Your 401(k) Plan Prospect Does Meet With You...

And you've made your sales presentation...

And they say, "We'll get back to you on Tuesday..."

But two weeks later, you still haven't heard back. 

Do you do send the customary, "I'm just following up..." email? (answer: no)

You know what their challenges and pain points are at this point.

Now you need more specific content to send that speaks to the issues they're having on topics you know they're interested in....


This Getting-Started Guide Includes:
  • Frequently Asked Questions: From where to start to how to get new leads into your pipeline, we've got you covered
  • ​Complete Inventory List of Contents: The best way to start using the tools is to understand what's available...
  • Step-by-Step Prospect Pipeline Funnel Roadmap: This playbook walks you through 5 steps to take to help you prioritize and hit the ground running
  • ​Compliance Checklist: You know how important compliance is, this checklist tells you what to customize and send to compliance first, and helps you track what's been approved already
  • Power Tips: Four steps to hit the ground running and implement an effective drip campaign



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customize and
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Add your logo, contact information, disclosures, and make any other changes to the templates (you have complete control over the customization) and start using the material in your business


Total Value: Over $4,300.00
"Working with Sharon via her 401(k) Business in a Box has been nothing short of amazing.

Sharon is both timely and responsive to every request, patient to a fault.

Her depth of knowledge and practical solutions--and first rate templates and ideas-- will, I am sure, continue to add great value throughout the term of our subscription."
About Sharon Pivirotto...
Like you, I know the challenges of trying to grow a 401k business, differentiate yourself, and manage all that’s required to run a compliant practice. I was once a broker trying to sell and service retirement plans. 

Since starting in the 401k industry, I've been able to create PSCA award-winning tools, create a retirement designation for 401k advisors (the PPC now offered by fi360), train thousands of advisors and plan sponsors around the country, build a 401k education firm that was sold to fi360 the year we hit a million dollars in revenue, and more...

The last 20+ years in this business have taught me a lot and I’m happy to now share my knowledge and resources with you - to help you shortcut your success.

Want access to the FULL 401(k) Resource Library (all template kits) and personalized support?



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What You Can Do with the Editable Documents:

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You can completely modify the content to edit the text, the titles, the order of it - it's completely editable.
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What You Can NOT Do With The Content You Buy from Us:

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